Bible Course

Schedule for this studies
These bible studies are conducted by the pastor of the church and are held twice a month, mostly attended by members in the community who visit the health club.
Bible Study

Bible Studies on Request
Three members of the church are assisting in organising bible studies through the internet and personal agreement, so that studies can be done in convenience and effective manner. Other bible courses can be accessed through a site provided for these Bible Courses.

Correspondence Bible Course 
These correspondence courses are offered by Adventist Discovery Centre, Stanborough Park, Watford, WD25 9JU, UK. You can make your request directly through this site  (Email:

Correspondence course

Bible Study Conducted by the International SDA Church in Prague
As mentioned above about bible course by request is organised by the church, International S D A Church in Prague. This program is mainly for people living in the Czech Republic more specifically in Prague. If you are interested in having a bible study, please contact us by just filling the contact form at the main menu CONTACT. We believe that the prophecies found in the books of Daniel and Revelation have extremely much for us to know about our future. We hope you realise also that there is blessing in reading and doing those things found in the book of REVELATION. Email:

Below is a list of topics we intend to study with you, it`s up to you to choose your preference.
Is There Anything Left You can trust
Did God Create the Devil
Rescue from Above
A Colossal City In Space
Keys for a Happy Marriage
Written in Stone
The Lost Day of History
The Ultimate Deliverance
Purity Power
Are The Dead Really Dead
Is The Devil In Charge of Hell
1000 Years of Peace
God`s Free Health Plan
Is Obedience Legalism
Who is the Antichrist
Angel Messages From Outer Space
God Drew The Plans
Right On Time Prophetic Appointments Revealed
Case Closed
The Mark of the Beast
The USA in Bible Prophecy
The Other Woman
The Bride of Christ
Does God Inspire Astrologers and Psychics
In God We Trust
A Love That Transforms
No Turning Back

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