About Our Church


Members and friends of the international church in Prague –Lhotka are people, who are connected by Christian faith in God, based purely on Biblical teaching.

Usually, 30-50 people meet at address Zalesi 50, Prague 4. We speak Czech, English and German. Worship is translated into English or some parts of the programme are directly in English. The bible study is separated into English and in Czech classes. Regular Sabbath worships are attended by local and foreign students, families with children, and anyone who is searching for hope in life. The first part of the morning worship is dedicated to systematic Bible study (9.30-10.30 am) and the second part of the morning worship is composed of praise songs and sermon (10.45-11.45 am). The afternoon part (13.15-14.00 pm) contains youth programme, testimonies and short sermon form the Bible. We praise God with songs throughout the day.

Even though we are different, we compose a compact community and our mutual goal is to be faithful in God`s things in a way that in the second coming of the Lord Jesus we will stand on His right hand.
We will gladly welcome you among ourselves and we hope that you will be spiritually enriched for every new day as well.

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